Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunny Poppy

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Poppies have always been one of my favorite flowers. They were always included in our family's garden and I always thought that their beautiful translucent petals were a perfect seasonal addition that said summer. this work is painted on gessoed board that has been underpainted in black.  I think if I were to do this again, I would try it on a lighter painted ground, though I like the dark background and how it makes the flower glow.


Friday, March 15, 2019

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These mandarin oranges came from the supermarket with their leaves still intact. I loved how the leathery leaves look next to the bright orange of the fruit. The addition of the blue bottle helped balance the otherwise warm tone of the painting. This is painted on gessoboard that has been underpainted in black.

Because I love autumn so much, orange is one of my favorite colors.  It has a very long history.  It was generally thought to have started by using madder, which most painters recognize as a bright pink.  But if the madder root is pounded, dried,  then put in a dye bath with alum, it turns wool to a vibrant orange, like the hair of a redhead. The Turks figured this out back in the 13th century!!


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Snowbird Waterfall

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This painting is a follow up to the one I did a few days ago.  I enjoyed doing the waterfall portion of that painting so much that I decided to do a smaller version of just the waterfall.   I am experimenting with painting on a black background and am finding that I like the graphic quality of the finished painting.   Somehow the black tends to help your eye blend  some of the colors together and create contrast in other areas.  I can't quite explain it, but I like how it looks and feels.

This painting will be offered on the Daily Paintworks web-site in an auction.  The bidding will engage tomorrow.  Click the above link to be directed to my auctions.


Sunday, March 10, 2019

Snowbird Summer I

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This painting was inspired by a recent hike in the summer at one of our favorite spots in Utah. It was a beautiful day and the hike followed this stunning stream as it rushed down the canyon. The day was full of the sound of the water, the trees rustling overhead and the smell of the pine. It doesn't get any better than that.  I was experimenting again with painting on a black background and I especially like the look of the water.


Saturday, March 2, 2019

"Bee" the Poppy

Here is another painting of a poppy, this one with a honey bee doing his magic. Again, I love the delicate petals of these flowers and marvel at how they unfold from their buds. It's always amazing to me how those buds seem so heavy on their small stems and yet when the flowers are fully unfolded, the stems are perfectly upright. 


Friday, March 1, 2019

Sally The Surgeon

I was just notified that my painting shown above, Sally the Surgeon, won 2nd place in the Rockwell Reimagined exhibit and show in Piqua, OH.  The challenge for this exhibit was to take a favorite Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post magazine cover and reimagine it in today's world.

Since my husband is an orthopedic surgeon, we thought it would be a fun project to reimagine the Rosie the Riveter cover as my entry.  There are many women surgeons now, and how they are succeeding in a "man's world"  is encouraging to those of us who have fought so hard to bring women equality in the workplace. The fact that a small woman can successfully do the very strenuous work of an orthopedic surgeon is quite amazing and yet they do it beautifully. Below is the Rockwell painting that inspired my work.

Rosie the Riveter
In doing my research about Mr. Rockwell's idea for this painting, I found it most interesting that his
model was a very small woman, and he purposefully made her much more robust for the work.  He later apologized to her for making her bigger.


Sunlit Willow

Click to Bid The willow tree is one of my favorites. I love the shape of the tree, it's tiny leaves that glimmer in the sunlight and ...