Thursday, August 13, 2015


The Painter
When we moved to Columbus in 2008, I had the very good fortune of meeting the lady pictured above at a colored pencil class. She was one of the first "artistic" people that I met and we have been friends ever since. We don't do much colored pencil work now, but instead have taken up oil painting. We are fond of going out together during the good weather and painting "en plein air", usually accompanied by our dogs. We also belong to a couple of painting groups that meet mainly on the weekends and find ourselves carpooling together for those paint-outs too.  While we may like some of the same things, our painting styles are totally different. Mine style of painting tends to be what you see above, very representational, while my friends is more impressionist. So here's to my friend, The Painter.. . . . . . long may you continue to be bitten by the painting bug!!

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