Thursday, August 20, 2015



Today couldn't have been a better day to go outdoors to paint.  It has rained the last two days and this morning didn't look too promising, but I put my gear in the car and headed out anyway.  By the time I got to my painting spot, the sun was starting peek through the clouds and it was clearing quickly.  This is a view of one of my favorite spots in Columbus.  It is in Clintonville near the Park of Roses.  It is a favorite dog walking spot and has become a favorite painting spot too.  It is full of challenges with the creek, rippling water, and numerous trees and rocks. On this painting, I did a value sketch first, then began by laying in my darks. I also tried being looser and used a bigger brush than normal.
There was so much happening here that I had to edit some of the trees and simplify the water in the creek.  I am happy with the results, hope you are too!

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