Saturday, August 15, 2015



This painting recently sold from the gallery where I have some of my work, Studios on High Gallery in downtown Columbus.  I titled it Autumn Barn and it got me to thinking of where I was when I took the photo it is based on.  Ohio still has plenty of rural areas and this barn was shining like a jewel among the gold and rust colored grasses.  I was being driven around an amish area of Ohio in Harden County.  I was being driven because I had just broken my arm in a really stupid bike wreck, and couldn't drive yet.  That was almost a year ago, and now I tool around in my car like nothing happened.  This painting and this barn make me thankful that I live in such a beautiful country that still has wonderful rural places to explore.  This painting also makes me thankful for my health, because a year ago, I was struggling.

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