Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Birthday Tomatoes

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Today is my birthday, and I celebrated by doing one of my favorite things....painting.  The subject is also one of my favorite summer fruits.  The ones in the grocery store are what I used in this painting, but my favorite are those wonderful summer-kissed-with-flavor tomatoes that only come during the tomato season, late summer.  I have such good memories of growing up with bummer crops of tomatoes from our families garden.  My mother canned loads and loads of them for use in the winter and even made her own ketchup.  In fact,  I don't remember ever having store bought ketchup unless we went out to eat somewhere.  Her ketchup was deep red in color and very tangy and spicy.  It made the entire house smell wonderful. 

I used the complement of red for the background in the painting, a sure way to get those tomatoes to really pop.  I also used a warm reddish brown color to tone the board ensuring the painting would take on those warm tones.  For lighting,  I made sure to use a neutral colored bulb so the colors would remain true.

I am attempting to paint in a looser style and the more I paint and the more frequently I paint, I am beginning to see some welcome changes.  I am seeing the benefit of painting often and actually get grumpy if a day goes by when I don't put in some paint time.  How's that for dedication?

I love the work of Carol Marine,  the founder of Daily Paintworks, and I often read her materials for inspiration.  Thanks Carol for giving me a platform on which to show my small works!


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