Sunday, February 28, 2016

Study study study!!

 Tree Study

Tree Study Gold Leaf #1

I am very fond of trees.  Throughout my life I have had favorite trees in every place that I have lived. They became my friend when lonely, served as a hideout for sneaking away to read a book, sheltered me during storms, served as a great treehouse, given me a great collection of colorful autumn leaves, served as a soft bed beneath my tent, and stood majestically defiant while being a protected species.
I believe I could not live in a world without them.

I have painted many tress, but never really made them a subject of a painting.
These studies are a homage to the tree.  The first is a simple study done on a toned background. It is inspired by a photo of a tree that I admired at Glacier Ridge Metropark last summer near the boardwalk.  I decided to try two studies, one using the toned background, and one using gold leaf as the background.   I have admired the work of Gustav Klimt for many years and his use of gold leaf in his paintings.  I like the subtle sheen in the background.  And because I love them so much, I think these trees deserve to be dressed up with a little bling.

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