Thursday, April 25, 2019

Rainy Walk

While in Bolivia on a mission, I spent a day helping with a construction project.  Our task was to build a room on to a mud brick home shown above. Because the locals can get a parasite that lives in the mud bricks, it's essential for them to have a safe place to sleep and the single mother of 4 that we were helping, desperately wanted this room for her children.  These people get by with cooking outdoors and their only source of water is collected in a barrel.

While we were working, it began to rain again, and we soon had to leave or face being stuck on the muddy rutted roads.  As we were driving back to town, I spotted some women walking in the rain.  They don't let rain stop them, they can't, they have no choice.  When I got back to our hotel that evening,  I painted this small watercolor sketch.

                                    This is one of the women as she walked in the rain. 
              Now that I'm back,  I turned this sketch into a painting including the other woman.

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Here is the finished painting...I hope I have captured the dreary day and the attempt of the women to keep dry. 

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