Friday, April 26, 2019

Waiting For A Sale

While in Bolivia, our mission group had the weekend off, and a group of us went to Tarabuco to visit during during their community market.  Many locals were on the street looking to sell their beautiful textiles.  I loved the photo I took of this man in the sketch above because you could tell he was in deep contemplation.  I'm sure he was thinking about selling.his wares. I did a quick watercolor sketch of him as a reminder.

A favorite textile that I was introduced to by these indigenous people were the Jalq'a aqsu design textile. The Jalq'a are an Andean indigenous society that make a unique textile in a red and black design. The textiles usually depict khurus, invincible savage beasts, of various shapes and sizes, that are woven of wool and alpaca in red onto a black background .  Legend describes this as the dominion of an underworld deity known as the Saxra.

                                              Here is an example of these beautiful textiles.
                I was able to purchase a small vertical piece that is now hanging in our home.

Now back in the US, I have used my artistic license to combine several photos to create this painting showing the man and the beautiful items he has for sale.

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