Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Spring Pasture

I was able to get out into the countryside recently to do some plein air painting.  I drove to an area known as the North Fields, an area of ranch land south of where I live in Park City.  The day was warm and blustery,  a typical spring day with lots of sounds and smells.  Rushing water was everywhere, and I'm sure the ranchers are thankful for the heavy snowfall to replenish much needed water.  I came upon this beautiful scene and set up to paint.  I loved how the spring green of the trees in the middle distance became the main area of interest and I made sure to play that up in my painting.

I over emphasized the little stream but like the addition to the painting. I was racing to finish as the wind started blowing and a small rain storm passed through.  I tweaked it a little back in my studio but kept the composition as you see it.


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