Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Late Summer Pastures

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I finished this painting today after a plein air session in one of my favorite spots to paint.  I love the ranchland in and around the Heber Valley where we live in Utah.  I am trying to paint there as often as possible these days.  Rumor has it that a major highway is going to split this area up.   It is needed in the name of progress in order to relieve traffic backups in Heber City.  I will be sorry to see this area destroyed but have lived through many such destructions to our lands.

 The farm that my parents owned was taken from them (by Imminent Domain) back in the '70s for a new power plant that was built along the river in Indiana.  We fought hard to keep the land,  but the locals thought this progress would be good for the rural area, bringing jobs and new businesses.  All it really did was bring more pollution and did nothing to bring more jobs after the plant was finished. 

I'm hoping some of these beautiful lands remain to survive this progress.


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