Tuesday, May 5, 2015



All cats are unique. They come into our lives and weasel their way into our hearts, even the strange-and-not-so-friendly-ones.  Ace is our daughter Erin's cat.  She got him when she was still in high school.  He arrived one day in the engine of a friend's car who was at our house visiting.  He was covered in oil and grease and was a tiny little thing. I think that ride in the car's engine had an affect on his brain and his personality. I have been around lots of cats, but not one as unusual as ACE.
He now resides full time with our daughter, who lives in Utah.  Whenever she visits,  I always see scratch marks and teeth marks where the little "devil child" has attacked, always just playing. So here is a painting showing Ace's kitten days, when he was such a cutie, and not so badie.

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