Saturday, November 28, 2015


Evening Stroll, St. Remy de Provence

After we returned from our trip to France, I was able to look at all of the photos we took and have slowly been making my way through them looking for painting possibilities. This was one of them.  A night scene.  Yikes!! I had never done one, but now was the time.   I also decided to try using a new material, Arches oil paper.  I liked the smoothness and the way the first coat just soaks into the paper.  It doesn't allow for much wiping away, so need to plan accordingly.

This painting is done from a photo of one of the nights we went out to a planned group dinner with our biking friends.  It was at the house of a pastry chef.  We were all so stuffed after, that we decided to walk back to the hotel. Hope you enjoy this little view of France.

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