Friday, May 20, 2016


I walk my dog Logan everyday, rain or shine.  He has come to expect it and after 13 years, I am not about to change his routine.  We both need it and it tends to clear my head and get me much needed fresh air and exercise.   One of our favorite parks has a stream that meanders through it and much of the summer it is so overgrown that you would barely know it is there.  But on this particular spring day,  it was beautiful and I snapped a photo of it thinking it might become a painting.

This painting was done on Arches oil paper and I must say that i am beginning to like it after much experimentation.  The first layer of paint literally soaks into the paper, so adding another layer on top can be done without too much waiting time.  I like the softness achieved by the paper and think that I will be doing more paintings on this surface.

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