Monday, June 22, 2015



  I have been working on this painting on and off for about two weeks, and today I think I finally have it finished.  Strawberries are another of my favorite fruits, not necessarily because of the flavor of them, but I just love their color and texture.  I especially love how the stems and tops are this velvety texture while the fruit is shiny and bumpy with the seeds. 

 This particular painting also has quite a story.  The strawberries were a gift from a friend.  I had completed a calligraphy project for her as a favor and she presented me with these beautiful strawberries as a thank you. I put them in this green Depression glass bowl that a had belonged to my grandmother and shot lots of photos of them both inside and outside of our house.  The sketch that I used as a basis for the painting is a conglomeration of several photos. I originally did this painting in watercolor many years ago when we lived in Indiana.  I submitted it to the Hoosier Salon and it was accepted for their show. Somebody really like it because it sold afterwards. Fast forward several years and I decided to see what it would look like in oil. I think I was able to get more of the texture of the tablecloth and fruit in this painting. Hope you all enjoy!


Whistling Marmot

Click to Bid I see these marmots every day when I'm out on my walks.  They hide in the large boulders lining the street and peek out...