Thursday, June 25, 2015



I walk everyday with my Labrador Retriever Logan. Lately, we've been in the habit of walking at Antrim Park, which is just 5 minutes from where we live.  The park has a big lake and we walk around it with another friend and her dog.

On this particular morning pictured in the painting it was cool and clear, the beginning of a beautiful spring day.  It had gotten cool enough the night before that fog had developed on the lake from the warmer water.  There is a willow tree near the lake shore where lots of dogs congregate to swim and play.  On this morning there were no dogs, only the empty bench and the backlit willow tree.

This is my impression of the fog that morning and the light coming through the willow tree.

I painted this on a canvas that I had painted over with a dark brown color.  I always enjoy working on a colored ground.  It takes me back to my old days of working on toned paper with my colored pencils.  There is something about working on a colored background that makes me use brighter paint and more of it to cover the canvas. And it is always nice to let a little of the color show through in appropriate areas.

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