Saturday, June 27, 2015



These strawberries were calling to me, "Paint me, we are so beautiful!", so I obliged.  Can't you just imagine the one strawberry escaping the plate for fear of getting eaten? 

This painting was done from life and strawberries don't do well under bright lights.  Two days is about all one can get in strawberry life.  After that, they start to break down.

By the way, I will be rejoining Studios on High Gallery in the Short North Arts district in downtown Columbus, OH in July.  This gallery has been named the best in Columbus for the 2nd year in a row!! There will be a food themed show in July and a few of my paintings will be in the show, so come on down and take a look.  If you purchase any of my work, 10% of the proceeds will go the the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

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