Saturday, April 25, 2015

Plein Air, Sort Of


This little painting started out as a plein air piece.  I was at Innis Wood  metro park the other day with a friend to do some plein air work.  We both settled on the ground near the entrance to get the best view of these beautiful daffodils.  I had the sun in my face but not on my surface.  I blocked in the shapes then proceeded to paint.  My efforts at the end of my session were not what I had hope for.
When I get home, I wiped it off, but much of the paint had already dried because I had used a medium and it was a breezy day(this helps to dry also) so I was left with my original sketch and some of the dark background. So I tackled it again and am happy with the results. I think it has a freshness and looseness about it that looks like a plein air painting. I also think that having the dark background already in place helped to unite the painting.  I like the effect of the dark background peeking through in some of the spaces.

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